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EcoPure Capping Machine

Our bottle capping appliance for efficient, high-volume bottling

EcoPure Waters Capping Machine

Our EcoPure Capping Machine meets the need for efficient, high-volume bottling. The semi-automatic system operates with our screw-top glass bottles and recyclable aluminium caps, providing a high-quality bottle of drinking water with a fully sealed, tamper-evident finish.  Compatible with a range of bottle sizes, our Capping Machine offers a flexible solution for hygienic drinking water, ideal for hotel bedrooms. Please see our EcoPure Quattro Filler for high-quality and sustainably-sourced mass water provision.

EcoPure Capping Machine

  • Semi-automatic
  • Fast (15 seconds per cap)
  • High volume
  • Fast and efficient
  • Two-button start safety feature
  • Fits EcoPure 375ml and 750ml tamper-evident glass bottles
  • Silver or black aluminium caps

Ideal system for:

range of ecopure waters bottle different sizes and client logos

Pure and Simple

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