the potters heron pub

The Potters Heron

The Potters Heron is a full service contemporary hotel in a rural location with 53 bedrooms alongside a lovely thatched pub, attracting both hotel guests and locals with a locally sourced menu and a great range of drinks.

To add to the guest experience and to reduce our carbon footprint, we wanted to instal a  water filtration system with branded glass bottles, and EcoPure Waters has provided the perfect way for us to offer this to our guests. We get lots of positive comments about our water, and I am delighted that sustainably sourced water provision plays a role in guest satisfaction at Potters Heron.

We have been very impressed with the customer service we have received from EcoPure Waters over the years. They are always on hand and ready to advise or assist us however we need. Their equipment is reliable, durable, and any required maintenance work is dealt with swiftly and professionally. Their engineers are polite, helpful, and willing to be as accommodating as we need.

Since partnering with EcoPure Waters in 2016, we have been deeply impressed with their service and look forward to working with them in the years ahead. We are delighted that, whether visiting our restaurant and bar, or staying in one of our bedrooms, our customers can enjoy the utmost quality in still and sparkling water.

Ziya Akguneyi, Senior Buyer