sachins resturant dinning room


Newcastle-based Sachins restaurant offers discerning diners a unique opportunity to sample the very best Punjabi food in a fresh and exciting environment. Since 2000, renowned chef and local personality Bob Arora, owner of Sachins, has been winning plaudits and delighting locals with a true taste of India.

I’m very particular about what we serve our customers. The taste and presentation simply has to be top quality. The EcoPure Waters’ system gives us an endless supply of filtered water with a pure taste and brilliant clarity. We also serve the water in our own branded bottles, which is an excellent way of keeping our name in front of our diners. The bottles look great with our dramatic, two-colour logo. Most importantly, our customers love both the water and the bottles – in fact they often ask if they can buy a bottle as a souvenir!

The advantages of the EcoPure Waters’ system don’t end with the great taste and excellent presentation. Not only is the water produced in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and sustainable way, but the system also removes the need to buy-in and store expensive bottled water, saving the cost and time of purchasing, transportation, refrigeration, waste disposal and recycling.

Bob Arora, Owner


Sachins Resturant branded bottles