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Moor Park Golf Club

Crowned Golf Club of the Year at the Club Mirror Awards 2019 and winner of 59 Club’s Service Excellence Award, Moor Park Golf Club offers one of the most impressive private members clubs in the UK.

It has been over a decade since we had our EcoPure Waters water filtration system installed. In that time, I can say without doubt that our system and reusable glass bottles have been a valuable economic resource for Moor Park Golf Club. Most of the bottled water we supply to our guests is paid for by them, either per bottle or as part of a fixed ‘per person’ menu. Because we are filtering our own water, the cost is significantly less than buying in bottles, which is very good news for both our guests and our profit margins.

Practically, it is much easier for us to filter our own water in-house. We have eliminated the regular, bulky delivery of bottled water, which was difficult for our house staff to handle due to the stepped access into the building.

The pure, chilled, still and sparkling water we now serve is of utmost quality and is thoroughly enjoyed by our guests. EcoPure Waters has supplied us with our own custom-branded bottles, which look stylish, sophisticated and professional, and help keep the name of Moor Park front-of-mind in new and returning guests alike.

David Kemp, Financial Controller


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