Waitress serving noodles in Koya restaurant


Koya is a Japanese udon noodle bar that first opened in Soho in 2010, specialising in freshly made udon noodles and dashi along with authentic Japanese small plates from breakfast through to dinner at three London locations.

EcoPure Waters’ commitment to sustainability is exactly what we were looking for at Koya. The eco-friendly company’s water filtration systems have allowed us to reduce our environmental impact while still providing our customers with a fine dining experience. We’re proud to partner with a company that shares our values and supports our goals.

We have an EcoPure Waters water filtration system at each of our three venues, Koya Bar, Koya City, and Koya Ko Hackney. Each venue has a full still and sparkling system installed, offering an endless supply of pure, chilled water. Each venue also has its own supply of custom-branded 500ml reusable glass bottles, adding some style to our offering.

We believe EcoPure Waters’ crisp and refreshing water is a great addition to our dining experience. Our customers leave with lasting memories of their time at Koya, and the quality of our water and the branded glass bottles we serve it in plays a role in their enjoyment. We’re proud to partner with EcoPure.

John Devitt, Owner