Kanishka resturant two tables laid for a meal


Kanishka specialises in pan-Indian cuisine of the highest calibre. Under the skilful direction of chef Atul Kochhar, Kanishka is driven to create compelling flavour experiences for every one of its guests.

I am very excited to be able to serve EcoPure Waters’ eco-friendly water to our guests at Kanishka. Alongside our fantastic seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, our exceptional-quality purified, still and sparkling water plays a clear role in the unique, exquisite experience we provide.

Water is dispensed in-house by our staff from our EcoPure Top Control system. The system is quick and straightforward to use, with a simple touch-screen control and time-saving measured autofill feature. EcoPure Waters also supplies us with our very own custom-branded 750ml tamper-evident water bottles. These are filled and capped with ease and add an extra layer of finesse for those dining.

I am pleased to say that the operational benefits of our EcoPure Waters water system and the perceived quality of our bottled water have proven to be an economic benefit for Kanishka. The service EcoPure Waters offers is world-class, as is its water – I honestly couldn’t be more satisfied.

Arno Dumas, Restaurant Director


Kanishka bottles