harper weddings & hotels tables laid out inside wedding venue hall

Harper Weddings & Hotels

Harper Weddings & Hotels is a family-run company and the proud owner of three stunning exclusive-use country house wedding venues, and one luxury boutique hotel, The Harper, on the North Norfolk Coast. With over 20 years of experience and a team of specialists in wedding planning and 5* hospitality, Harper Weddings & Hotels is committed to helping its customers plan and enjoy one of the most important and memorable days of their lives.

Our first EcoPure Waters water filtration system was installed in our Cain Manor country house wedding venue back in 2008. The increase in the quality of the water served to guests made an instant impact. As an established presence at the very highest end of the wedding industry, we understand the importance of attention to detail at a unique and special event like a wedding day. EcoPure Waters’ superior and reliable product has done an excellent job of supporting that demand and has been top of the list of must-haves each time we have expanded into a new site.

As well as supplying us with high-quality purified water, EcoPure Waters also provides us with a unique supply of custom-branded 1 litre clear glass bottles for our still and sparkling EcoPure water, each with branding specific to each venue. These have proven to be crowd-pleasers with wedding guests, who often take away a bottle as a keepsake. They’ve also been remarkably durable and reliable after years of use and cleaning, retaining their sparkle and branding throughout.

Stuart Paterson, Group Manager & Executive Chef