EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme 96 free bottles

Referral Scheme

Here at EcoPure Waters, we are not just dedicated to providing the utmost luxury in eco-friendly water purification solutions, we are also committed to fostering strong relationships with our trusted partners. To show our appreciation and further strengthen our bond, we are thrilled to unveil our brand new EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme.

Here’s the Deal

Any of our esteemed partners who introduces us to a new client will be rewarded with 96 custom-branded bottles – absolutely free!

Benefits of Our Referral Scheme

  • Generous rewards: a token of our appreciation, the 96 free bottles are not just a gift – they are a symbol of our commitment to our ongoing partnership
  • Enhanced business relations: by referring us, you are not just helping EcoPure Waters, you are also presenting an opportunity for others to benefit from our services
  • Sustainability: your 96 free bottles represent both your and EcoPure Waters’ commitment to building a sustainable future, making this reward doubly significant

Why Partner with EcoPure Waters?

  • Quality assurance: our water purification solutions stand out in the industry, guaranteeing pure, refreshing, luxury water every time
  • Eco-friendly initiatives: in an era where sustainability is paramount, our processes and products proudly support and contribute to a greener planet
  • Commitment to our partners: we don’t just establish business ties, we build long-lasting relationships, and our new referral scheme is a testament to this commitment

Whether you’ve been with us for years or are a new entrant in our ever-growing family, we invite you to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Help spread the word about EcoPure Waters and enjoy the rewards that follow.

For more details on our EcoPure Water Referral Scheme or to initiate a referral, please reach out to us today. Here’s to pure water, a green planet, and enduring partnerships.


Terms and Conditions

By participating in our EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


The EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme is open to existing customers who have purchased a water system from EcoPure Waters.

Referral Scheme Benefits

  • Receive 96 free custom-branded bottles branded with your existing bottle artwork when you refer a new client to EcoPure Waters.

Referral Scheme Conditions

  • To quality for the 96 free bottles, the company you refer must become a client of EcoPure Waters that purchases a water system from us.
  • The production of your free bottles may begin once the new client’s water system has been installed.
  • There is no limit to the number of new clients you can refer to us.
  • Bottle style and size can be of your choosing but must all be alike, as they will be produced in one batch.

Duration and Modification of the EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme

EcoPure Waters reserves the right to modify or terminate the EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme at any time without prior notice. Any modifications to the EcoPure Waters Referral Scheme or its associated benefits will be communicated to members through appropriate channels.

Thank you for being a valued EcoPure Waters customer.