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Our Story

For 30 years, we have been helping our clients reduce their environmental impact, save money, create powerful branding opportunities, and provide clean water to poor communities around the world. Our state-of-the-art equipment features a world-leading purification process that delivers water unmatched in purity and taste. The superior quality of our products and customer service is widely appreciated and has allowed us to penetrate a wide range of high-end markets.

Formation of Sparkling Services Limited, a company backed by private investors to market the original Classic Crystal 7 stage water purification system.
Company name changed to EcoPure Waters Limited. Paul Proctor appointed Managing Director.
All engineering support and client servicing brought in house.
International sales re-structured through exclusive Distribution Agreement with EcoPure Waters International Limited .
Additional bottle print/production unit acquired to accommodate growing need for increased capacity.
Bottle product range increased with introduction of 750ml and 375ml tamper evident designer screw top bottles to augment traditional vintage swing stopper variety.
Water purification systems modernised and enhanced with superior processes and filters.
Appointed as a preferred supplier to InterContinental Hotel Group.
Enlarged product range of purification systems developed to incorporate bespoke solutions to meet the individual needs of a widening variety of clients.
Appointed as an approved supplier to Accor.

Sustainability Benefits

By installing our EcoPure Waters filtration systems and using our reusable glass bottles, you can completely eliminate the need to buy large quantities of environmentally damaging single-use plastic bottles and the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic wrappings they often come packaged in.

Economic Benefits

Many of our clients have found our ‘greener’ route to water provision costs them significantly less per litre than utilising bought-in bottled water.

Branding Benefits

Our bespoke branded glass bottles create powerful branding opportunities for businesses looking to strengthen their branding, convey marketing or corporate social responsibility (CSR) messages, and communicate brand messages and values with their clients, guests, communities and employees.

Operational Benefits

Operationally, our bottles are great news. As reusable bottles are only filled when they are needed, there is no need to store and refrigerate a large stock of bottled water. There is also no need to remember to order bottled water, no stock control issues, and no danger of ever running out. Typically, staff can produce in excess of 150 litres of fresh, filtered water per week in less than 10 minutes a day.

Ethical Benefits

For every water filtration system we sell in the UK, we make a donation to the charity Just a Drop, which provides clean water and sanitation projects to poor communities around the world. We donate enough to give clean, safe water to 50 children for up to ten years. If desired, your organisation also has the opportunity to make a similar long-term commitment to this charity through a ‘donation per bottle’ scheme.

From our headquarters in the centre of the UK, we design, manufacture and supply our market-leading water filtration systems to customers throughout the world. Our well-established and experienced team is dedicated to meeting your needs and offering world-class customer service.

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Pure and Simple

Need a solution to water provision with environmental, economic, and ethical benefits? Please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.