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Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution: EcoPure Waters’ Vision for a Cleaner Future

As the world reflects on COP28, Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters, takes a moment to shed light on the critical issue of plastic pollution. This global challenge, often overshadowed by other environmental concerns, demands urgent attention and action from the international community. Read below to find out more.

It’s commendable that COP28 has addressed key climate issues, such as the transition from fossil fuels. However, the growing crisis of plastic pollution deserves equal attention. Recent reports show the staggering impact of plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans. An estimated 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste currently resides in our oceans, and this number is increasing every year with a further 33 billion pounds entering marine environments annually​​. This plastic not only poses a direct threat to marine life but also has broader implications for human health and the economy.

Plastic pollution is a multi-faceted problem that encompasses not just waste in our oceans but also the issue of waste management. Approximately one-fifth of plastics are mismanaged globally, meaning they are not recycled, incinerated, or kept in sealed landfills​​. This mismanagement leads to significant amounts of plastic flowing into rivers and oceans, even in scenarios where plastic production is considerably reduced.

We must also consider the economic implications of this crisis. Plastic pollution is on course to double by 2030, with dire consequences for health, the economy, biodiversity, and the climate​​. The cost related to plastic pollution liabilities is estimated to reach around $100 billion as people begin to sue for damages​​.

At EcoPure Waters, we are proud of our contributions to tackling this issue and are encouraged to see the hospitality industry embracing sustainability more actively. Yet, there is much more to be done. It’s vital that the problem of plastic pollution is placed prominently on the global agenda, alongside other critical environmental issues. This will require concerted efforts from businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide to manage and reduce plastic waste effectively.

We encourage everyone to join this mission, striving for innovative solutions and greater awareness. Only through collective action can we hope to mitigate the impact of plastic pollution and move towards a more sustainable future.

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Paul Proctor was appointed Manager Director of EcoPure Waters in 2006. Under his leadership, EcoPure Waters has grown into a global leader in sustainable water solutions for the hospitality industry.