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EcoPure Waters: Celebrating a Year of Remarkable Achievements in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we at EcoPure Waters are taking a moment to reflect on a year brimming with significant milestones, innovative advancements, and strengthened partnerships. Our journey this year has been nothing short of inspiring, and we’re excited to share some of our key highlights with you.

New Partnerships: Expanding Our Horizons

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This year, we’ve forged incredible partnerships that have allowed us to spread our eco-friendly ethos further than ever. New partnerships include:

  • Carlton Towers, Yorkshire: Joining forces with this prestigious venue, we’ve reinforced our commitment to sustainable hospitality solutions.
  • Virgin Hotels Edinburgh: Our partnership here is a testament to promoting eco-conscious hospitality in Scotland’s enchanting capital.
  • InterContinental Malta: With the integration of our EcoPure Quattro Filler systems, we’re enhancing luxury with sustainability at this 5-star destination.
  • Hotel Bellevue & Alhambra, Croatia: A significant partnership that underscores our shared dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable hospitality.
  • Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, London: Aligning with this renowned hotel, we’ve marked our presence in one of the world’s busiest airports.
  • The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro: Our collaboration here is a leap towards eco-friendly luxury in the stunning Montenegrin landscapes.
  • Plus many more!

EcoPure Blu Glass: A Revolution in Water Filtration

2023 saw the soaring popularity of our EcoPure Blu Glass. This innovative addition to our water filtration systems, combined with our custom-branded glass bottles, has become a game-changer in sustainable water provision. Its efficient, measured auto-fill technology and versatile design have made it a favourite in both front- and back-of-house operations globally.

Three Million Bottles Saved with Champneys Health Spa

EcoPure Waters and Champneys Health Spa Celebrate Environmental Milestone

In a landmark achievement, our decade-long partnership with Champneys Health Spa has successfully averted three million plastic and glass bottles from polluting our planet. This accomplishment underlines the effectiveness of our high-tech water filtration systems and reusable glass bottles in fostering sustainability in the hospitality sector.

Spotlighting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

This year, we’ve aligned closely with three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation): Our partnership with Just a Drop charity reflects our commitment to providing sustainable water sources worldwide.
  • Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production): Our eco-friendly systems are a beacon for sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.
  • Goal 14 (Life Below Water): We’re dedicated to reducing plastic waste, thereby protecting our oceans and the diverse life they harbour.

Giving Back: £1,500 to Just a Drop

Celebrating our social media milestone of 1,500 followers, we’ve donated £1,500 to Just a Drop. This charity’s impactful work in providing sustainable water solutions aligns perfectly with our ethos. For every new follower we gain, we pledge to donate £1.

Find out more about the incredible work of Just a Drop.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re filled with gratitude for the partnerships formed, the milestones achieved, and the positive impact we’ve made. At EcoPure Waters, we remain committed to our mission of sustainability and environmental conservation. Here’s to a future where every drop counts and every step we take is towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in 2024!