Commons_Club_Restaurant at Virgin Hotel Edinburgh

EcoPure Waters Partners with Virgin Hotels Edinburgh for Sustainable Luxury

We’re thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Virgin Hotels Edinburgh. Nestled in the heart of Scotland, Virgin Hotels Edinburgh is taking the lead in eco-conscious hospitality in this breathtaking region.

At Virgin Hotels Edinburgh, we’re introducing our state-of-the-art EcoPure Blu Glass filtered water system. This innovative system ensures that guests and staff alike at Virgin Hotels Edinburgh can enjoy purified and revitalising water while reducing single-use plastic and glass waste.

To add a touch of eco-chic, Virgin Hotels Edinburgh will be using our stylish 750ml custom-branded reusable glass bottles throughout the hotel. These bottles are not just fashionable, they symbolise the hotel’s commitment to providing guests with a memorable and environmentally responsible experience.

We are delighted that Virgin Hotels Edinburgh shares our vision of creating a greener and more responsible future for the hospitality industry. Welcome aboard!

Calling all Scottish hospitality venues! If you’re passionate about sustainability and eager to explore our eco-friendly offering, we invite you to get in touch today. Together, lets shape the future of luxury hospitality in Scotland and beyond.