Snap, Share, and Save the Planet

We are proud to unveil our latest campaign: “Snap, Share, and Save the Planet”.

Over the next few months, we are embarking on a mission to champion sustainability with our Instagram campaign, “Snap, Share, and Save the Planet”. We are delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation to our esteemed partners in the hospitality industry to join us.

This initiative is designed to elevate awareness of sustainability’s pivotal role within our sector by amplifying the message of our eco-friendly solution to water provision: our much-loved, eye-catching, conversation-starting, custom-branded reusable glass bottles. These bottles have proven to be game-changers, eliminating the need for many hospitality venues to reply on single-use plastic or glass bottles.

As dedicated advocates for sustainability within the hospitality sector and valued partners of EcoPure Waters, we believe you’ll be as excited about this campaign as we are.

How to Take Part

Participating couldn’t be easier – just follow these three simple steps to lend your support to a more sustainable future:

  • ‘Snap’ a photo of your EcoPure Waters custom-branded bottles
  • ‘Share’ it on Instagram including our tag: @ecopure_waters
  • Help ‘save the planet’ by including a brief message about the sustainability benefits of reusable glass bottles

Why You Should Get Involved

By taking part in our campaign, you’re not just showcasing your commitment to the environment; you’re inspiring others to do the same. We want the hospitality industry to know that being environmentally conscious isn’t just a trend – it’s the way forward. Together, we can set an example and inspire positive change.

a range of ecopure waters branded bottles

Have Fun While You’re at It

We’ll be keeping an eye out for Instagram posts, resharing them on our profile, and giving a shoutout to all the venues that take part. Let’s celebrate our commitment to sustainable hospitality together!

Our Impact So Far

You might be wondering what kind of impact you’re making by partnering with EcoPure Waters. Well, in the last decade, we’re proud to let you know that we’ve prevented a staggering 20 million bottles from ending up in landfills, oceans, or energy-demanding recycling schemes. And this is just the beginning! We are now aiming for 30 million and need your help to get there.

Thank you for being a valued partner and for joining us in our mission to create a better, more sustainable world. We’re excited to see your photos!

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Find out more about our commitment to sustainability: Advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on World Environmental Health Day.