Hotel Bellevue Croatia

EcoPure Waters and Hotel Bellevue Join Forces for Environmental Conservation

This month, EcoPure Waters, a leading provider of eco-friendly water filtration systems and reusable glass bottles, is excited to announce its new partnership with the esteemed Hotel Bellevue, part of the Lošinj Hotels & Villas group in Croatia. This partnership represents a shared commitment to sustainable hospitality practices and environmental conservation.

Water filtration system installations at Hotel Bellevue are now complete, including an EcoPure Blu Glass for food and beverages, and a still water dispenser in the hotel’s Spa Clinic.

Instead of using single-use glass bottles, the hotel will now serve EcoPure’s fresh, artisan water in reusable custom-branded EcoPure Waters’ vintage swing-stopper bottles. These will be available in 500ml size in the Spa Clinic and in both 1ltr and 500ml sizes in the hotel’s bedrooms and restaurants. This transition underscores Hotel Bellevue’s mission to eliminate single-use items and aligns with EcoPure Waters’ commitment to providing sustainable solutions for water provision.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hotel Bellevue in this important step towards more sustainable practices”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director at EcoPure Waters. “Our eco-friendly water filtration systems and reusable bottles will support Bellevue’s environmental goals perfectly. Together, we are making significant strides in conserving our planet’s natural resources”.

“Our collaboration with EcoPure Waters represents our growing ambition to embrace sustainability”, said Dragan Drlja, Executive Director for Hotel Operations Support at Hotel Bellevue. “We believe this partnership will significantly reduce our environmental impact while still providing our guests with the high-quality experience they expect from our hotel. We look forward to seeing whether this excellent initiative will expand to other hotels in the Lošinj Hotels & Villas group”.

As a leading provider of sustainable water solutions, EcoPure Waters is committed to helping organisations worldwide reduce their environmental footprint while offering high-quality water services. This new partnership with Hotel Bellevue is a testament to this mission and a significant step towards a more sustainable hospitality industry.

Hotel Bellevue is a luxurious and eco-conscious retreat located on the idyllic island of Lošinj in Croatia. As part of the Lošinj Hotels & Villas group, Bellevue is committed to creating unforgettable experiences that align with sustainable practices and respect for the environment. To find out more about Hotel Bellevue, please visit