Outlaw's Baked Bass, Asparagus, Hollandaise

EcoPure Waters Partners with Outlaw’s, Nathan Outlaw’s Exclusive Coastal Experience for Foodies

Eco-friendly water filtration and reusable glass bottle company, EcoPure Waters, has partnered with Outlaw’s, Michelin star chef Nathan Outlaw’s exclusive coastal experience for foodies in Port Isaac, Cornwall.

EcoPure Waters is now supplying Outlaw’s with its luxury, sustainably sourced filtered water to be enjoyed by those frequenting Outlaw’s coastal experience. Together, EcoPure Waters and Outlaw’s will work to promote sustainability and protect the environment in Cornwall and beyond.

“We are delighted to be working with such a notable, eco-conscious brand”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters. “Port Isaac is one of Cornwall’s most iconic places and it is no surprise Michelin star chef Nathan Outlaw felt it was the ideal backdrop for his world-class, sustainability-driven brand. We are thrilled to be working with Outlaw’s to promote sustainable practices and protect the environment. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the world and help to create a more sustainable future for all”.

EcoPure Waters has supplied Outlaw’s with an EcoPure Blu Bar water filtration system and a range of reusable glass bottles, reducing Outlaw’s dependency on single-use glass or plastic bottles. Outlaw’s EcoPure Blu Bar is an elegant freestanding unit offering a constant supply of pure, chilled, still and sparkling water on demand, in a compact, space-saving solution. Its glass bottles include stylish 500ml vintage swing stoppers, which have been branded with Outlaw’s logo using EcoPure Waters’ high-quality, permanent bottle printing.

“Our EcoPure Blu Bar has been the perfect solution to our ambition to offer guests exceptional-quality, sustainably sourced drinking water”, said Damon Little, Beverages Manager & Sommelier at Outlaw’s. “Our partnership with EcoPure Waters brings together two companies with a shared mission to promote sustainability and protect the environment, which has made it easier for Outlaw’s to reduce its environmental impact on our daily operations”.

“We have now partnered with seven separate Michelin star-winning brands”, said Karen Harris, National Account Manager at EcoPure Waters. “We are delighted that EcoPure Waters continues to gain acclaim among the world’s leading providers of top-quality hospitality experiences. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Outlaw’s and to supporting ever more luxury restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs across the UK and overseas”.

Nathan Outlaw is a two Michelin star-winning professional chef who has worked with celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes. He now runs Outlaw’s, his self-titled exclusive coastal experience for foodies in Port Isaac, Cornwall.

Outlaw’s comprises both restaurants and accommodation, including Outlaw’s New Road, Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen, Outlaw’s Guest House, and Outlaw’s Coastal Retreats, which together offer guests a luxury seafood dining and getaway experience in Port Isaac, Cornwall. Outlaw’s mission includes promoting sustainably sourced produce, protecting the environment, and supporting local fisherman. To find out more about Outlaw’s, please visit www.outlaws.co.uk.