A bowl of Michelin star-winning cuisine at Lumiere in Cheltenham

EcoPure Waters Partner Lumiere Awarded with One Michelin Star for Culinary Excellence

We are thrilled to congratulate our partner, Lumiere Restaurant in Cheltenham, for being awarded one Michelin star! This prestigious recognition is a testament to the restaurant’s exceptional cuisine and service.

The Michelin star is awarded to restaurants that offer an outstanding dining experience, with exceptional quality and creativity in their cuisine. Lumiere’s Michelin star is a well-deserved honour that recognises Chef Patron Jon Howe’s innovative and creative approach to British cuisine, as well as his dedication to using locally sourced and organic produce.

“We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with Lumiere and their commitment to both sustainability and excellence,” said Simon Chapman, Business Manager at EcoPure Waters. “Lumiere’s Michelin star is a testament to their culinary vision and the exceptional quality of their cuisine. Big kudos to Jon Howe and congratulations to the entire Lumiere team on this well-deserved recognition”.

We are proud to support Lumiere with our eco-friendly solution to sustainable water provision. Our artisan still and sparkling water has been well-received by Lumiere and we believe it is a perfect match for the iconic restaurant’s world-class cuisine.

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