ecopure waters and bubble food partnership

EcoPure Waters Enters Hospitality Event Sector with Bubble Food Partnership

Eco-friendly water filtration and reusable glass bottle company, EcoPure Waters, has partnered with London’s leading creative food and event design company, Bubble Food.

EcoPure Waters is now supplying Bubble Food with high-quality drinking water and reusable glass bottles for use at the company’s renowned sustainable luxury food and drink events.

EcoPure Waters’ sustainable solution to water provision means Bubble Food is now able to offer its clients environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced drinking water without the need to buy in single-use glass or plastic bottles.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with this new partnership”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director at EcoPure Waters. “We support a wide range of businesses in the hospitality and catering industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, cafés, health spas, and retirement villages, so adding hospitality ‘event’ companies to the mix feels like a natural development that demonstrates our flexibility as a supplier of filtered water.

“Bubble Food is among the most prestigious food and drink event companies in the UK, and we couldn’t be more delighted that they wanted our world-leading, notably delicious, purified water to play a role in the iconic guest experiences they deliver. We are also pleased that our service offers Bubble Food a cost-effective alternative to buying in bottled water. In the current economic climate, actors in the hospitality industry are under increasing pressure to find ways of saving money on food and drink costs without compromising on quality. Our eco-friendly solution to water provision is an excellent opportunity to help realise that goal”.

“Further to its sustainability commitments, we are delighted that Bubble Food has partnered with international water aid charity, Just a Drop, by pledging £1 from every bottle of water to help bring ethical safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to communities across the globe”, added Karen Harris, National Account Manager at EcoPure Waters. “As a long-time partner of Just a Drop ourselves, we know the positive impact this financial support will have on some of the world’s poorest people.

“Partnering with Bubble Food has been a great opportunity to further our experience supporting a wide variety of hospitality businesses and we hope to support more hospitality event companies in the future”.