EcoPure Waters New Website

EcoPure Waters Launches New Website

Eco-friendly water filtration company, EcoPure Waters, has announced the launch of its new website.

The new website is intended to encapsulate EcoPure Waters’ innovative approach to water provision, offering its customers the very best in water purification, high-quality branding opportunities, and customer service, while also tackling the issue of single-use plastics in the hospitality industry.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how our new website has turned out”, said Paul Proctor, Director of EcoPure Waters. “We wanted to create an online presence that reflects our pioneering ambition to provide the world’s leading luxury brands with a world-leading solution to water provision. We feel our new website, with its sophisticated design and refreshingly elegant look and feel, achieves that goal in style”.

“Having listened to the needs of our existing customers, we felt it was important for our new website to showcase the benefits of our products and services, keep our audience up to date with our latest news and updates, and provide visitors with a more streamlined navigation experience”, said Simon Chapman, Business Manager at EcoPure Waters. “We also updated our ‘personalised bottle branding’ tool so that visitors to the website can see how their logo will look when printed on our range of vintage swing stopper and designer screw-top reusable glass bottles.”

“As well as demonstrating our capability to meet the needs of the world’s premier brands, our new website also reflects our expansion into new geographic markets”, Proctor added. “Our client base across Europe is growing faster than ever before, and our international arm, EcoPure Waters International, is also experiencing growth at an unprecedented rate. We are delighted to be unveiling our new website to our clients, partners, and stakeholders, and we look forward to all the benefits it will offer”.