ecopure waters bottle standing on a waterfall in iceland

Plastic Free July

We are delighted that this year’s Plastic Free July is underway. With over 100 million participants in 190 countries taking part, it is clear that the global trend to reduce plastic waste is at the front of many people’s minds.

Plastic Free July’s 2021 Impact Report states that “Annual global plastic production is around 380 million tonnes (and increasing) with more than 90% of this becoming waste” – a shocking statistic by any account. It also warns that as well as individual action being essential, businesses, communities and governments at all levels must also act in order for us to establish a global long-term solution to the issue of plastic pollution.

“It is encouraging seeing so many individuals getting involved with Plastic Free July”, said Paul Proctor, Director of EcoPure Waters. “World-wide initiatives like this can make a noticeable, tangible impact on the environment, as well as raising awareness of the issues involved on a major scale. It is particularly encouraging seeing businesses in the hospitality industry getting involved in recent years, with a number of bars, cafes, and hotels switching to reusable items and banning single-use plastic bottles in 2021.

“Eliminating dependency on single-use plastics is something we feel very passionately about at EcoPure Waters, and something we have been helping businesses achieve over the last few decades. If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution to water provision, we are at your disposal and look forward to hearing from you. A huge thank you to everyone across the globe who is doing what they can in the battle against plastic pollution”.

Would your business like to join the movement and become part of the solution to cleaner streets, oceans, and communities?

Our wide range of high-quality, bespoke branded glass bottles are ideal for venues of all sizes and could completely eliminate your dependency on single-use plastic bottles for water provision. What’s more, bottles can be beautifully and elegantly branded with any logo, design, and message of your choice. Our world-class indelible printing process gives bottles a professional finish that will delight your guests. Get in touch and make a positive impact on the environment today.