ecopure waters bottle standing on a waterfall in iceland

EcoPure Waters Installs 30th Water Filtration System in Scotland

This month, eco-friendly water filtration company, EcoPure Waters, installed its 30th water filtration system in Scotland.

EcoPure Waters now has 30 of its eco-friendly water filtration systems installed in various hotels, pubs, restaurants, and corporate settings across Scotland, serving over 9,000 litres of pure, chilled and ambient, still and sparkling filtered water each month.

The latest system was installed at the iconic luxury hotel, The Lovat, where it is now supplying The Lovat’s 29 bedrooms and Station Road Restaurant with pure, chilled, still and sparkling water.

“We are thrilled with our EcoPure Blu Bar water filtration system and branded bottles”, said Caroline Gregory, Director of The Lovat. “The quality of both the purified water and our branded bottles is incredible. We now have copious amounts of chilled, still and sparkling water, which is readily available to supply the entire hotel. The water is crisp, invigorating, and tastes exceptional – perfect for the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands that our guests come to enjoy. Our reusable, branded glass bottles have also added value to our offering, both for their stylish look and feel, and their conspicuous elimination of single-use bottles from our process for water provision – something our guests deeply appreciate”.

As well as having a water filtration system installed, each Scottish venue has been supplied with a range of exceptional-quality, reusable, bespoke branded glass bottles, allowing venues the eco-friendly, long-term reuse of bottles, rather than needing to utilise single-use plastic or glass bottles and pricy bottle recycling schemes. Bottles may be branded with logos, designs, and any other marketing messages, allowing businesses to showcase their quality and any corporate social responsibility (CSR) messages.

“We are delighted with this landmark 30th installation in Scotland, which is also the seventh water filtration system to be installed in Scotland in the last 12 months”, said Karen Harris, National Accounts Manager at EcoPure Waters. “As an environmentally-conscious nation, there is a fast-growing desire among Scottish businesses to adopt sustainability schemes and meet more ambitious CSR targets. We are proud to be working with many of them, offering a solution for water provision that benefits the environment, while lowering operation costs and improving customer experiences”.

“Our EcoPure Blu Bar delivers a continuous 45-litre supply of water, making it ideal for small to medium-sized venues like The Lovat”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters. “Any venue looking to showcase its eco-consciousness, while delivering premium hospitality, will benefit from one of our world-leading water filtration systems and reusable glass bottles. As well as The Lovat, we are also supporting a number of other prestigious brands in Scotland, including voco Hotels (IHG), Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (IHG), MGM Muthu Hotels, and Crieff Hydro, to name a few. We are delighted to be further expanding our services across Scotland”.

The Lovat is a four-star, eco-conscious hotel that welcomes guests in search of premium Highland hospitality. The hotel is situated in the Scottish Highlands, just off the A82, close to the banks of the famous Loch Ness. It has 29 bedrooms and offers a renowned seasonally inspired dining experience at its onsite restaurant, Station Road.