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EcoPure Waters Partnership with Grantley Hall Saves 100,000 Single-Use Glass Bottles from Glass Container Recycling Program

Eco-friendly water filtration company, EcoPure Waters, together with luxury five-star hotel and wellness retreat, Grantley Hall, are thrilled to announce they have prevented over 100,000 single-use glass bottles from going through a glass container recycling programme.

EcoPure Waters has supplied Grantley Hall with its eco-friendly water filtration and reusable glass bottle solution since 2019. In this time, Grantley Hall has provided its guests with over 100,000 litres of self-bottled drinking water. This means the one-time use and costly disposal of over 100,000 single-use glass bottles has been prevented.

“We are delighted with this sustainable solution”, said Simon Crannage, Executive Chef at Grantley Hall. “Our EcoPure Waters filtration systems and reusable glass bottles have reduced our dependency on glass container recycling programmes. With a growing appreciation for sustainability shared by all the staff at Grantley Hall, we were all onboard with this forward-thinking solution to water provision from the get-go. The results have been significant so far, and we look forward to achieving further sustainability targets in the years ahead”.

Since 2019, EcoPure Waters has supplied Grantley Hall with two EcoPure Water Systems for water provision across the hotel’s 47 rooms and suites, its diverse selection of bars and restaurants, the Grantley Academy, and for all weddings and events.

“It has been a privilege partnering with Grantley Hall, helping it lower its carbon footprint and reduce its use of single-use glass bottles”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters. “Our reusable glass bottles are cost effective and have zero landfill potential, making them highly valuable to a hospitality business like Grantley Hall, which has sought to implement a sustainable approach to drinking water. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Grantley Hall, and to satisfying the demand of its guests for exceptionally high quality, sustainably sourced drinking water”.