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EcoPure Waters Installs Landmark Water Purification System for Distinctive Inns

Eco-friendly water filtration company, EcoPure Waters, has installed its fourth water purification system for Midlands-based gastro pub company, Distinctive Inns.

Distinctive Inns is now wholly reliant on EcoPure Waters for the provision of purified, eco-friendly water for its guests, with an operational system running at each of its four venues.

The latest system was set up at The Nuthall pub in Nuthall, Nottingham, the final venue in the Distinctive Inns group to receive a system since EcoPure Waters partnered with Distinctive Inns in 2019.

“We are thrilled to be serving EcoPure Waters’ high-quality, environmentally-friendly, purified water at each of our pubs”, said James Bull, Director of Distinctive Inns. “Our clients love the water’s unmatched taste, but they also appreciate the sustainable approach we have taken to water provision. EcoPure Waters offers an outstanding product that couldn’t be more appropriate for our high-end brand”.

EcoPure Waters has supplied each of Distinctive Inns’ pubs with an EcoPure Water System, along with a range of champaign-strength, reusable glass bottles, eliminating Distinctive Inns’ need to buy in single-use glass or plastic bottles.

The first EcoPure Water System was installed at The Dorset in 2019, one of Distinctive Inns’ renowned Nottingham-based gastro pubs.

“The positive results following the installation of our first EcoPure Waters filtration system were instantaneous,” Bull added. “We quickly realised we wanted systems fitted at each of our remaining pubs: The Riverside, The Priory and The Nuthall. We are delighted with how well-received the water has been across each of our venues, not to mention the systems’ environmental, economical and operational benefits”.

“It has been a pleasure working with Distinctive Inns”, said Karen Hawes, Business Development Manager at EcoPure Waters. “We have helped the company meet its ambitious sustainability targets, while also providing its guests with the very best in high-quality, filtered water. We look forward to continuing working with James and the rest of the Distinctive Inns team”.